Tuesday, March 24, 2009
first post, happy?
Having a so-so week. Rehearsal was yesterday, and I barely made it without being all grumpy and depressed to my teachers. "Coleen, are you okay?" was aske multiple times out loud to me. I refused to say a word, I hate crying in front of people. It makes me feel out of control and week. But it seems as if I'm getting along with it well. It's intrigues me as to how people can sense there's something wrong with me when I can't.

On the positive side, my puppy training classes for this coming Saturday are cancelled. Can I get a woot woot? The trainer, Karen, has this "thing" for my brother. Hm.

Kwell, as you see, there's nothing to write here. Lame update. Janine and Almira got me hooked to this. If only Livejournal were accessible during school hours; you'd see how hooked they'd be!

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