Monday, April 6, 2009
nothing else I can say.
My grandma called our house this morning in panic. She was crying to my mom saying how she was so thin and that she was going to die soon. Ah, calm down please! :(

Eh, besides that, ugly layout in the making. I still need to fix it up a bit. But I do have rehearsals today. I didn't even read any of the english homework assigned, so I have to catch up on that. I wish we had no homework!

Anyhoo, I have $140 with me, but it seems like the $100 will go to my parents since I owe them so much in life. They really need the money especially with my grandma in the hospital. I'm trying not to spend a lot on lunch these days, trying not to cause my parents andy stress, but sometimes it just doesn't work. Hopefully this patch in my life will be sewed up soon. It's lasting way too long and the effect is getting to everyone.

Ms. Jack is sick! ♥

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