Monday, April 20, 2009
you taste just like glitter mixed with rock and roll.
NEWS NEWS NEWS. I'm addicted to the Sims 2. That's all.

But this weekend was all kinds of major events. First of all, it was my dad's birthday! Yay! I only got to see him for a few minutes since I spent 10 hours with the cast for tech rehearsal and everything. First we went to Hart House for our tech rehearsal which was only 2 hours. The other school had to do theirs as well. But I was late, I didn't know where to go, and when I apologized to Miss Jack, she seemed pissed. : I felt so bad so I tried my best to be on the ball, but I think I wasn't at all.

Aside from that, we took the subway bak to Miss Arangio's place, where there was a party room and we had some pizza and rehearsed certain parts of the play. Mmm, pizza! On the way there Beth was stalking some guy, LOL. ♥ We also got dressed in costume, and had some quiet time. Since Miss Arangio lives like 10 minutes away from the place we were gonna perform, she got us cabs to go there. When we arrived, we went into the dressing room and got our makeup on. Oh god, when I asked Kealin to put the blush on me, BAM. I looked like a China Doll. Also, my makeup was messed up. So Beth fixed it for me.

Performance time. We had mistakes. Beth came in too early, but it didn't really matter since we all went along with it. The benches weren't coordinated, but really, who would know but us? And at one part for a transition, we didn't go across the stage since it was HUGE and we had to be on the other side by the next 30 seconds of Jenna's monologue. Impossible, I began to panic until Miss Arangio told me to calm down. All in all, we had some mistakes, and so does every show. But the important part was that we didn't advertise it. We knew it was wrong, but we went along with it anyways.

Awards time! The ajudicator didn't liek some parts of our play, but I don't really care. I put on a happy face and tried to agree with everything he said. We won about 4 awards, or 5 awards I think? But we didn't make it to provincials. I wasn't at all upset. I was surprised. I learned so much from this experience and I didn't realize it until now. Hopefully next year I would be able to experience something as magical as this.

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