Friday, May 15, 2009
i have guru moments.
So, I guess in about 2 hours Janine's going to the airport for Florida? Ah, I'm happy she's going since she needs vacation. With all she's been through and all the work she's done, she needs a vacation. Onto my guru moments on thsi blog:

You know, with all the times I've been screwed over by people, I'm not upset. When Ria just left and she blamed and tried to get me into shit, I don't care. Saying this now is practically being hypocritical. Her mom would constantly call me and needed to talk to me. I thought to myself when she left: "What am? A fucking drive through?" She became enemies with Jackie and Joanna. Jackie warned me. Joanna was vulnerable. Do I not have limits? Do I let people take advantage of me? But the thing is, I learn from it. Without me being so fucked up with friendships, I wouldn't have learned so much wisdom.
That talk didn't even make any sense at all. So I'll screw this topic and move on.

New layout though, I took the banner from xfever's LJ. So I'm crediting him on this post!