Tuesday, May 26, 2009
the past is gone.
Last night, I go for a jog with MJ. We go jogging and all, then I see this thing on the road. I thought to myself "Oh, it's just a bird. Or maybe a cat." So as we come closer, I realize it's a pug. The blood was pooling over and everything, and NO damn car would stop for it. It's Kingston Road, one of the busiest roads, and no one bothers to stop. Assholes. So me and MJ go over and try to pick it up, but it's just too much for me since this is how Po was EXACTLY last October. We went over to a guy and asked him if he had a phone so we could call. He didn't have one. We went over to a lady and her boyfriend. She had her phone and the police came. Jerk went over the dogs blood. Thank goodness we took the dog off the road though. He didn't have a dog tag.

It's not so much the dog that upsets me. Of course seeing someone who is so full of life and means the world to someone lying lifeless on the road by itself hurts, but the fact that thousands of cars passed by him, and no one even bothered to stop (even the person who hit him), hurts me more. MJ understood me. She understood the cruelty of the people. When po got hit, so many people stopped; People in their cars, people on the sidewalk. NO FUCKING ONE STOPPED FOR THIS DOG. If it were a human, then people would stop because it's their kind. My fucking ass. Dogs are the same thing, it's a creature. We're all creatures. We haven't even evolved one bit. We're going back in time. We're not learning, we're being biased. No one is understanding anything these days.

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