Sunday, May 24, 2009
save it, those words have no meaning.
How does it feel? To know you've tried everything in this world to keep everything the same, but it will never be strong enough to stop it. To know that the one person you've been trusting your whole life is slowly drifting away, and you're the only one to notice it. How does it feel when you see people around you, different, happier than before. Different, and happier than you. But is it just the way you see things? Are you afraid of change? Of evolving? What are you afraid of? Slowly this thought in your head swims around, blaming others for the way you feel. But in reality. It's your fault. You chose to react this way. You're afraid of becoming a better person. Because once you change, you will have nothing to complain about, talk about. You will lose your entitlement. Change is the hardest thing, everyone goes through it. Learn to deal with it.