Wednesday, March 25, 2009
you're a special lady, living in a world of make believe.
There's about a thousand mixed emotions in me right now. None of them have come out except tears because I'm afraid of showing the wrong emotion. What's happening to me right now? I don't know. Tomorrow will make things more clear, hopefully.

Positive side? If my teacher didn't move our presentation we have tomorrow for Monday there would be no positive side. I need to get in touch with three of my teachers, who don't even feel like teachers, more like sisters. Two of them never even taught me, like I could care. They've seen every aspect of my own being. It's not like being a student of theirs will ever surprise them. Go ahead and call me a nerd, like I fucking care. It's my bitchy side taking over this entry,"F.Y.I."

I don't have the typical "boy" drama girls my age have because I have no boyfriend. I'm sick of shit that's teenager like. But then again it needs to happen since I am a teen. If I can't handle this, then I definitely cannot handle the 'adult' drama. My mood fluctuates constantly so don't be surprised.

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