Thursday, April 16, 2009
do you want love, do you want fame are you in the game?
Interview done yesterday! I won't go into details but I just hope it went well. I sure as hell NOT gonna be homeroom leader, cos that will just suck.

I've been spending the whole week during lunches rehearsing with Denosha and Carlivia for the serpent scene. Friday, which is P.A day is our last 5 hour rehearsal together.. if we don't make provincials. Ms. Jack said that we could make it if we make the serpent scene CLEAN and FRESH. Let's hope we get through it. I can't wait for next years play, but I'm jsut scared of all the talent going away since about 85% of the cast this year is graduating in June. I gotta learn good techniques for next year, and I wanna write the play too! OH AND BETH IS COMING BACK NEXT YEAR! So yay! :)

Lady Gaga is taking over my iPod! Good thing or bad thing? Me no know. I think that's all. I'm craving apple juice like a pregnant woman craves tacos.

Almira is on my left PerezHilton checking out Zac Efrom and how he's all "ew". I think that she thinks he's hot. My theory. Janine is on my right watching some Pepsi thing with Ashely Tisdale. She just paused it and restarted it to show me this cute guy.. oh my homies. History moments I will cherish.

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