Monday, April 27, 2009
just take my hand, get ready to jump.
Has it really been a week since I've updated? Watch this habit turn into two weeks, then months then YEAARS! Sha bam. I'm Jay Kaying guys. Sorry, the tween in me came out there for a sec. But since you were asking, this weekend was busy.

Let's start off with THURSDAY. Which was Junior night! That was so much fun! It's upsetting since next year I can only volunteer. On Friday I found out I made GNG! Wee! And I stayed after school for a bit and talked to Miss Arangio. I told her what I wanted to tell her. I didn't say much since I kept choking up. Sucky thing, this is why I write letters.

Saturday was A LOT of work. Alex, MJ and I went to Peace Theatre and helped Miss Jack with a huge ass party she was throwing for a little girl. She was SO lucky to have that, I swear. We arrived there at around 10:15AM and ended at around 3:00PM. Miss Jack doubled the hours for us since we did - as she calls it - boot decoration camp. So now I only need 6 more hours to finish my required time, but I'm obviously going to do more. I came to school today and Miss said one of the women were impressed with me. Hooray!

On Sunday all three of us started our English project. Since God was sleeping, she turned our power off for two hours. Of course, being the slackers we were, we began filming at around 3PM. *slaps head* I feel so bad because I had to go home at around 8 and Alex really needed my help in Math. But I couldn't help her since I didn't get it as well, and my dad wanted me home. I feel good though since she actually WANTED my help, but I felt so bad because I didn't know it myself.

And today, I'm here in History class. Everyone's talking and my History and English teacher are blabbing in the front. Tssk tssk! Everyone needs to talk though, so it's okay with me. MJ isn't at school today since she staye up until 6AM this morning to finish editing the video. I've got to stop putting all the editing on her. I may as well learn video editing to help cut the slack.

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