Thursday, April 9, 2009
you must walk it for yourself.
Getting report card today! Well, in a couple minutes.

BITCH. GGGG in English, mother fucker! I don't mind anyways, I don't care much for that class. But I guess I'm doing well in everything else. So, just to say, here's my marks:

MATH: 83%
AVERAGE: 84.3%

So this means I have to keep my marks up, especially in History, Math and English. Instead of Civics class, it's being switched to Careers half way through the semester since it's only half a credit each. Kso, I gotta be focused.

P.S: You need to finish your poem for English and keep practising with the fans for the rehearsal today. Also, ask if you can go to Allison's 16th this Saturday. Beign collage for audition on Tuesday, OH AND STUDY FOR MATH QUIZ IN 4TH. Thanks for reminding me Almira!

Oh and my Lola's finally getting out of the hospital today! ♥

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