Thursday, May 14, 2009
just believe in what my lips have to say.
SAY WHAAAT. It's been a gajillion years since I posted in this! You know what I've been doing? Playing Sims. It's all MJ's fault! But I can't blame her, it's amazingly fun.

I don't know what's happening to me right now. I'm slacking off in everything. Today I had to force myself to get up and go to school more than ever. I didn't study for my math test today. My marks are slowly declining, and I haven't talked to the Misses: Arangio, Jack and Paniccia. Ms. Jack has disappeared for no reason! I haven't gotten in touch with her for about a week now and I miss her! I sent her a text last night telling about it though, so hopefully she got that.

In grade nine, I was an uptight girl who isolated herself. I never did any activites and always focused on my work. Now, in grade ten, I'm a girl who doesn't wanna do her work and go out all the time and make new friends. I've become the complete opposite. So how are grades eleven and twelve gonna be? That's what I don't know. I'm not afraid to recognize what's wrong with me and fix it. I've recognized it, but how do I fix it?

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